Drag Racing

Run your street legal trucks on our 1/8th mile, asphalt drag strip. Take advantage of all-day, head-to-head grudge matches, or try to beat your best recorded clock time.

Drag Strip Rules:


All vehicles participating in Drag Racing must meet the minimum safety requirements as outlined in our Vehicle Tech Inspection.

Sharing a car between multiple drivers is allowed, but each driver must have their own driver ticket.

PPIR may disallow any vehicle from racing for any reason.


Must be at least 18 years of age with a valid government issued driver’s license. Drivers must wear a seatbelt.


Minors aged 11 and under are not allowed to ride along.  Only one passenger may ride in a truck at any time. Passengers must ride in the front seat, wear a seat belt and keep all limbs inside the vehicle.

PPIR may disallow any passenger for riding in any vehicle for any reason.


Areas that are not closed off (roped, fenced, etc.) are open to spectator viewing. For your safety, please do not sit on the pit road wall.

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