Enter the Burnout Pit to throw some asphalt and let those horses run. 

Burn Out Rules:

All vehicles participating in Burn Outs must meet the minimum safety requirements as outlined in our Vehicle Tech Inspectin.

Drivers must be at least 18 years of age with a valid government issued driver’s license. Drivers must wear a seatbelt.

Passengers may ride in the truck cab if each passenger is wearing a seat belt. All passengers must remain inside the truck cab during burn outs. 

Burn Out Format: 

Burnouts are only allowed in the designated burn out corral. The burnout corral will be open for “fun runs” throughout the day. Trucks will pull up to the circle entrance and will be waved onto the track by a PPIR official. The circle is the driver’s for as long as they want to run unless there is a reason a PPIR official needs to end your run. In this case, the official will formally red flag drivers off the course.

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